address- Duggada, Lansdowne



1. How far is Camp Advait from Corbett Tiger Reserve/ Lansdowne?

We chose to be amid forests away from the towering noises of urban centres suiting the best interests of nature lovers. Nestled next to river Langurigaad some 26 km or 1 hour away from Lansdowne, we offer the ideal homeground for those expecting to work from the forests! Both Vatanvasa and Pakhro gate for the Corbett Tiger Reserve are 1 hour away from the campsite. Breathe of fresh mountain air, sound of the river and calmness of the woods, Camp Advait is the place for you to be.

2. How do we reach Camp Advait?

We are one of the closest camp grounds in the Indian Himalayas located approximately 230 km. away from Delhi- National Capital Region. The nearest city of Kothdwar is well connected with rail and roadways. Take a left after reaching Duggada on the Kothdwar- Pauri highway. Nearest railhead to our place is Kothdwar (20 km away) Moreover, for those coming by flight, nearest airport is in Dehradun which is around 120 km. Do enquire about rental cabs if needed from any of the given points.

You will require to cross the river Langurigaad from the main road to reach the campsite. It is a 50 metre walk towards the Guava orchard while walking on the river bank.

3. Can I check-in early or stay late after check out?

Yes. You can. Camp check-in timing is around 10 in the morning. Please check with us over call if you plan on arriving early so that we can make necessary arrangements. However, we cannot guarantee to show you the tents before that.

Also, feel free to enjoy the open spaces and try out local pahadi cuisines at the café even after your check-out.

4. Need information on network connectivity. Can I work for a longer period at the campsite?

Yes, absolutely! We created Himalspace for people who would cherish the idea of working amidst nature. We have a dedicated BSNL fibre internet connectivity of 60 mbps that allow us to work even while sitting under a tree.

While the internet works really well allowing us to make video calls and stream movies, normal telecom signals can be a bit weak depending on the weather at certain locations.

5. The Campsite is located near Corbett Tiger Reserve. Is it safe? Will we spot wild animals?

The campsite is completely safe. Moreover, our good boi doggos make sure to notify everyone with their presence.

We are home to plenty of Himalayan birds who are our constant visitors round the clock. For seeing the big cats and jumbos, you can opt for jungle safaris and explore the region. If you are lucky enough, there are ample chances of hearing a Himalayan Musk Deer at night.

6. Any suggestion to do things around the Campsite?

There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can do around the Campsite. If you are done lazying around, resting on the soft comfortable grass and cloud gazing the entire day, try out cliff jumping in the river. We got a shelf of books to scroll through. There are plenty of quaint jungle hikes that start from the campsite itself. The sunset from the hill tops are a must, so keep that on the bucket list. You can also follow the solitary trails on the banks of river Langurigaad.

Those interested in yoga, slackline and wish to practice mindfulness, we have a lot of peaceful spaces for you. We also have open air movie screenings every night! Loads of activities to do, you see.

7. What’s on the menu? Is there a café to munch around?

We have a dedicated café serving simple yet delicious Indian meals and delicacies from the Himalayan region. Try the mindfully curated dishes with ingredients from the Uttarakhand Himalayas.

8. Is your place pet friendly?

Absolutely! We will be more than happy to host your good bois with us. Do let us know if there are any   prior arrangements that are to be made for them.

9. What about the toilets? Is there a space to take a shower?

We have clean, hygienic and separate shared washrooms for both male and female guests. Take a one of its kind outdoor shower underneath the canopy of forests with hot and cold-water option.