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Terms and Conditions:

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Camp Advait may change/modify these terms and conditions at any time and any such modifications will take effect immediately upon uploading of the updated terms and conditions on You may review the updated terms and conditions to be aware of such modifications and your continued access or use our website or any other website linked to camp Advait, shall be deemed conclusive proof of your agreement of these terms and conditions, as changed/modified. Camp Advait may also suspend the operation of or any website(s) linked with Camp Advait for technical or maintenance work, in order to update the information shared on the website or for any other reason.


In the quest to provide a personalised and best browsing experience, Camp Advait may collect your personal information, which includes but not restricted to name, email, address, photograph, social profiles etc. Our website may require you to login and share enquiry form or seek some information from you. When you share your preferences, we will be able to deliver or allow you to access the relevant information that fits your requirement.

The privacy of our users is our utmost priority and we always protect user’s privacy in all respect. Camp Advait offers a comprehensive user experience by displaying substantial repository of events offered by Camp Advait.

The following information is collected by Camp Advait of the users:
  1. a) Information provided by the users
  2. b) Data/information which is tracked automatically while browsing the website (including Camp Advait and any of its associate website or social handles). By using Camp Advait’s website, the user concurs to gathering, storage and use of personal or any other information (including images used to sign up on and any of its associates). By signing up on the Camp Advait’s website the user agrees that Camp Advait may use their personal information to ameliorate its branding, marketing and promotional campaigns. Camp Advait may also use this information (including personal information) to refine user experience on the website and upgrade website’s performance and offers. Camp Advait may also use this information to update/streamline the content on the website for better user experience.

Camp Advait, in quest to enhance personalised experience may also track the IP addresses of user’s computer and save information with us in form of cookies. A user may, if wishes to, accept or decline the cookies of the website by simply changing the settings of user’s browser(s). We also collect some information about user’s computer connection to the internet, including IP address. The IP address is not a measure of personal identification; we use this data for faster delivery of Camp Advait’s webpages upon user’s request. These cookies will also be used to gauge visitors within our website and let advertisers know the location/region from where our users come.


User concurs to treat all information obtained from the Camp Advait’s website (or its associates), including project listings, member directory, and any information otherwise made available to User in the Service (“Content”) as proprietary to Camp Advait. The user agrees that the content/information reserved for members will be taken as confidential and must be protected as a trade secret of Camp Advait.

The user must not use or reproduce any content from the Camp Advait website or that is otherwise made available to User in the Service, for or in connection with any other listing/advertising Service or device. User further shall not use the Service provided by the company in any other manner for or in connection with any other listing Service or device. Users violating these specific terms, shall be subject to immediate termination of their membership without prior notice.


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All and any rights accruing from these, wholly vest with Camp Advait and its associates. The access to Camp Advait does not confer upon the User any license or right to use in respect of these Marks and therefore the use of these Marks in any form or manner, whatsoever is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the above would constitute an offence under the prevailing laws of India.


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It is solely user’s responsibility to evaluate the information provided through Camp Advait or its associate websites. Camp Advait does not warrant that the access to website will be glitch free or the errors will be rectified in specific time duration. Users are to be advised to verify the authenticity of any information received or collected from the Camp Advait’s website.


Camp Advait shall not be held responsible for any kind of damages relating to the use of the website, information on the website, its links including but not limited to damages caused by errors, negligence, defects, malware in system, direct or indirect loss of property.


Camp Advait may, without notice and at any time, terminate or restrict your use or access to the Camp Advait website or any of its associates. The decision to terminate the services (temporarily or permanently) will rest solely with Camp Advait.


The user agrees that by accessing (or any of its associates), that the Indian jurisdiction shall be the governing law in all matters related to use of Camp Advait and the terms and conditions.


In the matters related to Camp Advait and these terms and conditions, Courts at Pauri Gharwal (Uttarakhand), India shall have exclusive jurisdiction. This is irrespective of the area/region from where the website is accessed. Camp Advait also reserves the right to monitor your postings to the website and may disqualify and take down the information if found misleading in any way, at its own discretion. The user acknowledges that Camp Advait may report to law enforcement authorities the actions that it considers illegal. This also includes any information it receives of such illegal conduct. Camp Advait reserves all other rights.


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