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Nestled amid a Guava orchard, a perennial river and lush green forests of the Corbett Tiger Reserve, there is a place created with a milieu of cultures, music and architecture of the Shivalik Himalayas. Offering a unique blend of outdoor mountain living, taste and lifestyle, we are a riverside jungle campsite located in the valley for nature lovers, backpackers, digital nomads and fellow travellers who need a break from daily life.

Escape: From managing your 9-5 work schedule while sitting underneath a Guava tree to leaving for jungle hikes, village walks and mountain top sunsets, we got your escapes covered right from our backyard!

Unwind: When was the last time you saw an open-air movie sitting next to a river, gossiped with your friends, stargazed the Milky Way to eternity or flipped some old pages upside down? Yep. We deeply value the art of doing nothing.

Discover: Taste our homely yet exquisite cafe menu made with ingredients from the high mountain valleys of the Western Himalayas. Little burps and you are good to explore the old British hill station of Lansdowne in its full glory. P.S. don’t forget to ask for a customised guide map from us!


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Address Aamdali,Duggada, Kotdwar - Dugadda Rd, Lansdowne, Uttarakhand 246127

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