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Pitch Your Own Tent

Pitch Your Own Tent

What makes it unique:

Pitching a tent may not be tough but finding a good place to camp really is. Backpacking in the mountains bring out the vagabond in us but certainly also poses its own layer of challenges to such ravelling. Good tent pitching sites in the Himalayas are either in the forest areas making it prone to wildlife or either in private lands. But where should a camper go?

Drop us a HI and book your camping spot in a Guava Orchard. First timers. All timers. Everyone’s welcome to camp provided you bring your own tent.

Explore through our book selections, rest on the banks of the river and find ways to barbeque your food. Pitch Your Own Tent is the way to go.

What to expect:
  • An outdoor camping experience in a Guava Orchard next to a river.
  • Himalayan water birds and forest wildlife.

Suitable for: Individual backpackers, couples and small groups.

Duration: Your tent. Our space. You decide how long to camp!

Preferred period: Year round (except July- August).

Cost Inclusions:
  • Designated camping spots.
  • Barbeque grill and charcoal